What is the Gold River Cat Society?

In 2013, the Village of Gold River applied to the BCSPCA for a matching grant to TNR (Trap, Neuter/Spay, Release) any feral cats we could. Not realizing the number of ferals in the community, the money ran out quickly. This forced a few people to pay for the extra surgeries and medical needs out of their own pockets. Thus, the society was born with the idea of making the feral cats’ lives more humane and to get all fixed within 5 years. We also hope to help rehome any cats that need it and to help defray the costs of medical needs for those who cannot afford to do so themselves. Formed recently, The Gold River Cat Society developed when the village and others recognized we had a major feral cat problem. Although feral cats had always been a factor of life in Gold River when the mills operated, their existence was not a concern… until the mills shut down. At that point, many people lost their jobs and so left town, abandoning their unfixed, domesticated cats to an unhappy life of homelessness. Those that survived then reproduced in amazing numbers.

TNR Prerequisites

  • The cats are semi- social or feral and are not owned.
  • The cats can remain on the property indefinitely.
  • The colony caretaker is the owner of the property, or has the support of the property owner for TNR.
  • Before TNR the cats are fed at a designated feeding station at the same time every day. After TNR the cats are fed and looked after on an ongoing basis.
  • All kittens under 10 weeks are surrendered to GRCS
  • Armed traps are never left unattended.
  • Trapped cats are never transported on an open truck bed.
  • Cats are not euthanized unless very ill.