Zoe’s Fund

In Honour and Loving Memory of Zoe Mikayla Alstrup

From birth Zoe had a love for creatures of all sorts, but what she loved even more was helping animals in need. Zoe had spent her last months capturing and caring for the colony of feral cats near her house. Daily she’d take care of these cats by feeding them, slowly earning their trust.

In one stunning case she was able to earn the trust of a young adult male orange tabby. He became so comfortable with Zoe and her family, they had no choice but to adopt him or one could look at it as he adopted them. Zoe named him Tommi and this abandoned little boy made the Alstrup’s couch his new home. Besides Tommi, Zoe was also responsible to trapping adult feral cats and kittens so they could be fixed and/or adopted, as well as housing them for short periods of time till they could be picked up.

Zoe changed the lives of many animals for the better, thus the Gold River Cat Society would like to honor her by creating the Zoe Fund in which all monies donated in her name will go towards defraying the costs of socializing feral kittens so we can adopt them out and to fixing feral cats.

If you’d like to donate money in honour of Zoe please click the button below.

Charity number #82838 0378 RR0001